Bring them back to you.

Figure out why

Start talking again

Bring them back to you

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Help them before it’s to late

They’ve changed and you don’t know why. Being an adolescent is a complex time. Sometimes they can’t cope and sometimes neither can you. It’s worrying when they become distant, you don’t know what’s going on in their head and now is the time to find out with our help.

Helping teens with…


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guide them

Help them through the complexities of growing up in a confusing world with confidential counseling.

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get closer

With the right support and better ways of communicating you will come back together.

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assess the risk

Find out where they’re at and what levels of risks are involved so we can take the right actions to safeguard them.

“There’s people out there that care, if you need someone to talk to you should give it a try, it really helps.”

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Start teen counseling....


A confidential call to understand your situation


Choosing the right counselor and the right therapy


Overcome your obstacles to live a more joyful life

We are here to bring you both back together.

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Teen Counseling in Stafford

Adolescence can be a difficult time for children and some struggle more than others, becoming quiet and isolated. Many parents don’t understand nor do they know how to help. Here at Bright Horizons Counseling, we offer counseling and therapies in a safe space for your teen to open up and start coping with the complexities of this time of their lives.


When a teen is reluctant to attend counseling, that can be a real challenge for parents. In order for counseling to be effective, the client needs to be a willing participant. If you are finding your teen is resisting coming to their appointments, the best thing to do is share that information with their provider who can make recommendations that are tailored to your child’s specifics needs or concerns.

Parents are welcome to join their teenager in sessions and maintain open communication with providers. If your teen prefers to meet with his therapist without you, don’t worry, that can be a great sign that he is invested in the counseling experience and values having a safe, private place to get support from a trusted and trained professional.

Clients under 18 do need their parents’ consent to receive counseling services, but they are able to attend appointments without their parents.

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