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Do you worry about your child's behavior?

It’s hard to say it out loud or even admit this to yourself. Your child’s behavior is out of control and you may both become isolated from friends and family because of it. You don’t understand why because you’ve done everything right and you don’t know how to deal with it. We can help guide you through it.

Helping children with…

Bring peace back to your
home with child counseling

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Teach your child to cope with situations that trigger bad behavior.

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Apply coping strategies to help you react in a calmer and more confident way.

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reduced social

Enjoy taking your child out in public knowing there is less chance of an outburst.

“We are getting out
more now because he can play with other children without blowing up…”


Start child counseling....


A confidential call to understand your situation


Choosing the right counselor and the right therapy


Overcome your obstacles to live a more joyful life

Parenting your child is challenging - we're here to help.

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Children’s counseling in Stafford

Parents raise their child the best way they know how, but they still act out causing problems at home and school. Here at Bright Horizons Counseling, we’ll counsel you and your child to better understand and react to stressors for a happier family life and a better experience at school.


Yes, parents are absolutely allowed to join their child in session. Don’t be surprised if your child asks you to stay in the waiting room though! Most of our young clients love their therapist and enjoy having their attention all to themselves!

If your child has a special item that brings them comfort or they would like to share with their provider, they are encouraged to bring it with them. This is a great way to help them feel more comfortable and it helps their counselor get to know them.

Yes, your child will have one primary provider.

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