Live a better life.

Feel Empowered

Enjoy life more

Wake up happy

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You're missing out on a full and joyful life.

Waking up with dread for the day ahead of you is exhausting. You could be enjoying your friends and family not letting anxiety hold you back. Counseling will help you live your best life now.

Conditions we treat…


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cope with

Build resilience in yourself and prepare for anything with the right techniques.

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wake up

Enjoy mornings again with a renewed outlook on life when you take control of your thoughts.

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Learn to walk with your head held high into situations that used to cause you anxiety.

“There’s people out there that care, if you need someone to talk to you should give it a try, it really helps.”

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A confidential call to understand your situation


Choosing the right counselor and the right therapy


Overcome your obstacles to live a more joyful life

Being human is hard.
We're here to make it easier.

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Too many people  live a good life but anxiety is making them unhappy. Here at Bright Horizons Counseling, we offer confidential and safe therapy for adults so they can overcome their mental obstacles and live a life full of joy. 


The best preparation is to be sure to complete the background paperwork as thoroughly as possible. Your provider will read through the information you share before your appointment so they have a glimpse of who you are and how they may be able to best support you. The next best thing is to arrive about 5 minutes early so you can relax in our waiting room and not feel rushed going into your session.

Your ride is welcome to wait in our waiting room, on the bench outside our main door, or in a parking space in front of our building.

Our clients meet with their providers in one of two places. If you choose to come into the office, your session will be a private office with just you and your provider. Each office is unique in its décor, but the spaces are designed to be warm and comfortable. For our telehealth clients, they will meet with their clinician through a secure client portal.

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