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Is the space between you only going to get bigger?

Being together isn’t easy. Living together and coping with each other’s imperfections and behaviors can be a daily battle even without trust issues. You need to figure the best course of action and avoid more unhappiness. Uncover what needs to be done.

Helping couples with…

Use couples counseling to make
the best choices for your relationship.

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be heard

Communicate without arguing and judging each other so you both can truly be heard.

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a lasting

Make your relationship stronger than ever by working through your problems and finding new ways to connect.

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a happier life

Reduce the stress in your life and increase your happiness when you resolve relationship troubles.

“There’s people out there that care, if you need someone to talk to you should give it a try, it really helps.”

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A confidential call to understand your situation


Choosing the right counselor and the right therapy


Overcome your obstacles to live a more joyful life

All relationships struggle at times - we can guide you through it.

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Couples Therapy in Stafford

Often communication breaks down or stops completely in a relationship where a breach of trust or respect has taken place. Here at Bright Horizons Counseling, we offer couples counseling to help you find the real issues and the best course of action for both of you.


Both of you will need to participate in the sessions for them to be helpful to you as a couple. At times, it is possible for one person to join the session virtually if they are unable to attend in person. If you think this might be the case for you, let us know and we can discuss how that may change the experience for you.

It depends! Each relationship is as unique as each person so there is not one right answer for everyone. The good news is that your provider will be able to help you and your partner decide whether couples only or a combination of couples and individual counseling are most likely to help you reach your goals.

There are moments in counseling when we can feel overwhelmed by our emotions. Your counselor will ensure that their office is a safe space for you. If you need to step away for a moment, that is okay and your provider will offer you a quiet and private space.

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