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Bright Horizons Counseling Service in Stafford

At Bright Horizons we know all people face obstacles they don’t know how to overcome on their own stopping them from living their best life. When people don’t have the tools to overcome the obstacles they face, their lives often become hopeless and they give up. Bright Horizons provides a supportive space where people learn to overcome these obstacles, so they’re empowered to live their best life now.


Having the most current information about our new clients helps create a successful start to their therapeutic journey. When we’ve matched you to a provider, we’ll send you all the paperwork ahead of your appointment, so you have ample time to complete it.

We understand the importance of knowing costs ahead of time. For all our new clients, we verify your insurance benefits in advance and provide you with the best estimate we can based on the information your insurance company provides. We will gladly provide you with the insurance billing codes so that you may also contact your insurance company directly and verify your coverage.

For self-pay clients, our rates can be found here.

Because we are each unique and are seeking counseling for highly individual reasons, there is no “one size fits all” answer to this question. After a couple of appointments, your therapist can likely give you a general idea of what is needed to meet your goals and the different factors that affect the timeline.

We ask our clients to place a form of payment on file and your cost share will be deducted after your appointment.

Our clinicians’ schedules vary, but in general, the latest appointment available is 7pm on weekdays.

We are always interested to hear if you have been referred to a specific provider or if you think someone would be a good fit for you. At Bright Horizons, we take an individualized approach to connecting our clients to our therapists. When you reach out for services, we’re going to try to get to know a bit about you and your goals. This information, along with our intimate knowledge of our providers, their specialties and styles, allows us to make strong matches between our clients and their therapists. A good fit goes a long way to helping our clients get the most out of their counseling experience.

Appointments not canceled with 24 hours’ notice will be charged a $75 cancellation fee.

Bright Horizons is in network with Anthem BCBS, Anthem Healthkeepers, Beacon Health Options, CareFirst BCBS, Optum Behavioral Health, and United HealthCare. We are non-network, participating providers with TRICARE.

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